Providing the knowledge required to navigate ESG risks and opportunities, since 1998.

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Policy Outlook

Monitor and respond to regulatory change in sustainable finance and corporate responsibility. Receive information and in-depth analyses tailored to your needs.

Regulatory Implementation

We support you by developing regulatory implementation strategies that take your needs and priorities into account.

The first binding regulations deriving from the EU Action Plan on Sustainable Finance demand that financial institutions adapt a series of policies, management processes, marketing materials, and disclosure processes by 2021.

The ECOFACT Quarterly

Subscribe to the ECOFACT Quarterly, our ESG briefing covering high risk sectors, emerging risks and how your peers are responding.

Risk Assessment

The G7, the OECD, and the United Nations expect corporations to address and avoid the adverse impacts entailed in their business relationships and investments.

Being linked to controversial environmental and human rights issues may lead to financial losses, reputational damage, regulatory sanctions or even litigation. We support risk management and compliance units in assessing potentially controversial clients, transactions, corporate partnerships and other business relationships.

Portfolio Screening

Screening investment and client portfolios for environmental and human rights risks is no longer a matter of personal preference and values.

Regulation requires financial institutions to assess potentially controversial companies they invest in or support. We will help you identify criteria in line with international and national standards and determine your own unique tolerance to risk as an asset owner, lender or underwriter. We screen client portfolios as well as equity and debt portfolios consisting of both listed and non-listed entities.


ECOFACT has been helping clients to understand environmental and human rights risks in their relationships with other companies since 1998.

We translate ESG risks into relevant analyses and practical strategies for our clients, we conduct risk assessments, and we screen their portfolios according to bespoke criteria. Our focused research provides insights into material risks, as well as current and future regulatory expectations.

ECOFACT is a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact and the Principles for Responsible Investment, and a member of Swiss Sustainable Finance.

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Knowledge Sharing

ECOFACT hosts three events that facilitate knowledge sharing among peers and experts:

The Policy Outlook Conference

This full-day conference gives you the chance to join peers and experts from the fields of public policy, legal & compliance, corporate responsibility and sustainability in exploring how financial firms are addressing corporate responsibility regulations.

Organized in collaboration with UBS and the Policy Outlook Members.

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Our Roundtables

The Environmental and Social Risk (ESR) Roundtable provides an opportunity for peers to discuss the challenges that arise as environmental and social issues are further integrated into financial institutions’ business with corporate clients.

The Reputational Risk Management (RRM) Roundtable is a platform for dialog and knowledge sharing on common and best practices in reputational risk management in the financial sector.

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