ESG Risk Management

We guide you through the steps needed to establish appropriate management frameworks for environmental and human rights risks (also referred to as environmental, social, and governance (ESG) risk management):

  • Develop and revise policies and processes aligned with your goals, your risk appetite, and the relevant standards and regulations
  • Understand ESG issues and how they might affect you
  • Be prepared for internal and external discussions and decision-making
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An excellent collaboration - great research capabilities, high quality outputs and quick turnaround times.

Head of E&S Risk at a leading international bank

    Manage your risks appropriately

    Environmental and human rights due diligence is increasingly becoming mandatory across the globe; international standards such as those issued by the OECD are evolving.



    Moreover, being linked to controversial environmental and human rights issues may lead to financial losses, reputational damage, regulatory sanctions, or expose you to litigation.

    We support risk management departments, as well as legal and compliance units, in establishing the necessary frameworks to conduct risk assessment that aligns with both internal and external expectations. We also assess potentially controversial clients, transactions, corporate partnerships, and other business relationships in addition to providing assessments at the country and/or sector level.

    Due diligence is a time sensitive task. We offer quick turnaround times and deliverables that you can use immediately, with templates and concepts tailored to your business processes.

    Our expertise

    We develop, revise, and support the implementation of risk management frameworks as well as the assessment of potentially controversial companies, sectors, and countries.

    We conduct ESG due diligence for transactions in sensitive sectors, such as palm oil and mining, or involving controversial products, such as weapons or food commodities, in various countries. These assessments cover all types of transactions, potential and existing client relationships and partnerships, as well as equity and debt investments.

    We write strategy papers to help financial institutions assess environmental and human rights issues, for example when financing companies in sensitive countries or when investing in sensitive sectors.

    We formulate strategies, policies, and processes to address environmental and human rights at entity and transaction levels are tailored to your risk appetite and compliance culture.

    We compile risk briefing notes related to environmental and human rights issues in a specific country or sector.

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