Monitoring Peer Policies

A comprehensive, periodically updated analysis of the environmental and social (E&S) risk policies and frameworks of leading banks. Learn how your peers are approaching high-risk sectors and topics, their net-zero commitments and TCFD reports. Stay apprised of best practice strategies and methods.

  • Regularly receive detailed analysis examining the climate change, biodiversity, human rights, coal, and agriculture policies of your peers
  • Participate in monthly calls and dive deeper into specific subjects
  • Benefit from full transparency – we provide summary slides with statistics and trends and detailed, granular analyses in Excel
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    Know where your peers stand

    Compare the approaches of 19 leading banks. Use the analyses of their processes and policies to support your own E&S risk policies, net-zero strategy, and TCFD reports.

    Communicate more effectively with your decision-makers

    To help you lead discussions and advance the sustainability agenda within your organization, Monitoring Peer Policies delivers slides with statistics and trends for every E&S risk topic. You have access to the details underlying the analysis, right down to the individual formulations of the peers.

    Track E&S risk management trends

    Discuss recent trends in E&S risk topics with your peers during monthly calls with Monitoring Peer Policies network.

    Contact Our Experts

    Bruno Bischoff
    Head of ESG Risk Advisory

    +41 58 520 20 09

    Maria Castillo
    Senior ESG Risk Advisor

    +41 58 520 20 07

    We use the Monitoring Peer Policies tool when reviewing our sustainability policies. It provides our team with important information that helps us track evolving industry standards.

    Sunny Sehgal, Head of Policy - Group Sustainability Risk, HSBC

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