Policy Outlook Conference

Sustainable Finance Regulation: Understanding the present, preparing for the future

  • map key emerging sustainability policies, standards, laws and regulations and their impact on the financial sector
  • learn from experts and share practical experiences with your peers
  • be informed on the latest trends in disclosure of sustainability-related information, climate change, and due diligence
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Finance is about seizing opportunities and managing risk. Understanding what regulators expect from us is a very important step towards these goals.

Axel A. Weber, Chairman of the UBS Board of Directors

Policy Outlook Conference

Sustainable Finance Regulation: Understanding the present, preparing for the future

Since 2014, ECOFACT Policy Outlook research has been at the forefront of sustainable finance regulatory monitoring, enabling members of the Policy Outlook Network to understand and act upon this fast-moving regulatory landscape. The Policy Outlook Network is chaired by UBS and formed by other leading financial institutions.

During this journey, we have witnessed significant development in the sustainable finance regulatory landscape—it has evolved from a niche topic to the center of the regulatory agenda across the globe. This regulatory movement is without precedent due in part to its rapid rate of uptake by regulators, such as the European Union and members of the Central Banks and Supervisors Network for Greening the Financial System.

In the words of Axel Weber, UBS Chairman, financial institutions “must be very alert to how expectations by our most important stakeholder groups change, and we must adapt to and accommodate these changes”. Therefore, it is paramount for financial institutions to focus their attention on the developing regulatory agenda as regulators are one of these key stakeholders. As Mark Carney outlined at the UN Climate Action Summit, these expectations are rapidly increasing to “bring climate risks and resilience into the heart of financial decision making”. Understanding these emerging expectations is the objective of the 2023 Policy Outlook Conference.

The 2023 Policy Outlook Conference will offer financial institutions’ leaders the unique opportunity to assemble and consider the future of sustainable finance regulation. Discussions will touch upon the most recent and upcoming trends and the staggering momentum of sustainable finance regulation, including the integration of climate change into prudential requirements, as well as the uptake of sustainable finance by sectors of the real economy.

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