ECOFACT has been helping clients understand environmental and human rights risks in their relationships with other companies, since 1998.

ECOFACT was founded as a spin-off of a leading Swiss bank in Zurich in 1998. Since then, our team has grown to include driven individuals with a diverse range of backgrounds from environmental engineering to political science and law.

This broad skillset gives us a comprehensive understanding of how to address the risks and opportunities that accompany environmental, social, and governance issues.

We work primarily for banks, insurers, institutional investors, international standard-setters, and other businesses and organizations across the globe.


By combining market-leading research with unique advisory experience, we strive to be a catalyst in the transition towards a sustainable economy.

What do regulators and standard-setters expect of you? How do you comply with regulatory requirements governing sustainability and corporate responsibility?

Which ESG issues require your attention and why? How do you identify and monitor ESG issues and risks, and manage them appropriately?

How are your peers approaching these challenges? How do you adapt your due diligence tools and processes, and screen portfolios to comply with sector practices?

We conduct market-leading research to provide answers to questions like these.

This gives us the necessary know-how to advise, support, and supply custom solutions to our clients. Our advice is reliable, pragmatic, and creative: It allows our clients to define and further their sustainable finance and/or corporate responsibility strategies—and to operate the corresponding management systems as effectively as possible.

Access our market-leading research

Policy Outlook

A continuously updated analysis of regulatory change pertaining to sustainability and corporate responsibility.

Monitoring Peer Policies

Our global, granular analysis of organizations’ ESG policies across more than 20 ESG sectors and issues.

The ECOFACT Quarterly

A quarterly publication that delivers an overview of the most recent and relevant developments in ESG risk management.

Benefit from our advisory expertise

Regulatory Implementation

We know what needs to be done to comply with relevant regulations and standards. Narrow your focus to key action items which we help you identify and prioritize. Our pragmatic, cost-efficient solutions ensure you implement regulatory requirements in a manner that suits your needs and meets expectations.

ESG Risk Management

We help you to build capacity and integrate ESG considerations into policies, processes, and training. We design due diligence solutions and workflow tools that enable cost-efficient, consistent, and rule-based decision making tailored to your risk appetite.

Portfolio Screening

We screen client portfolios as well as equity and debt portfolios consisting of both listed and non-listed entities. We deliver well-researched, sound advice on engagement and exclusion strategies.

ECOFACT is a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact and the Principles for Responsible Investment, and is a member of Swiss Sustainable Finance.

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ECOFACT’s ambition is to be a catalyst in the transition towards a sustainable economy. We write, organize events, develop products and services. Be the first to know.