Portfolio Screening

Understand which entities in your portfolio present a material risk.

  • Benefit from portfolio screenings tailored to your criteria
  • Identify clients or investments that do not meet relevant standards
  • Develop assessment, engagement, and exclusion strategies
  • Mitigate risk and prioritize necessary action
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ECOFACT understands our needs and translates them into a tailor-made solution that we can rely on.

Jacqueline Oh, Managing Director, SVVK-ASIR

    Tailored to you

    All reports are 100% tailored to your institution’s criteria and risk appetite as well as to your objectives.



    Know what to consider

    To increase the quality of the results, we work with you to define criteria that are in line with international and national standards, and determine your own unique tolerance to risk as an asset owner, lender, or underwriter.

    See what requires attention take action

    We screen client portfolios as well as equity and debt portfolios consisting of both listed and non-listed entities. Once high-risk positions have been identified, appropriate action can be taken. We provide advice regarding engagement and exclusion strategies at the level of individual companies or entire portfolios.

    We have more than 15 years of experience in helping financial institutions
    manage environmental and human rights risks in their relationships
    with other companies (e.g. in loan or investment portfolios).

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