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News from ECOFACT Q4 21

The global health crisis continues to influence society, the economy, and our daily lives. Yet, it is not the only topic with far-reaching impacts — climate change risks for example influence society, the economy, and our daily lives, too. These evolving policies will have consequences for all financial institutions and companies. What had been regarded as advanced practices a few years ago are suddenly becoming mere baseline expectations.

Our innovative approach to implementing the TCFD recommendations and building capacity to manage climate-related risks

Mandatory risk disclosure that is aligned with the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) is gaining momentum across the globe, both with regulators and institutional investors such as Blackrock.

Many financial institutions are looking for cost-efficient solutions that accomplish the following: Implement the TCFD’s framework, comply with local disclosure standards, integrate climate risks into risk management processes and define a framework to realize their climate commitments

Our innovative approach to regulatory implementation was developed together with a group of clients. Instead of outsourcing the work to a consultancy, you remain in the driver’s seat and build a knowledge base to steer change from within your organization.

Due to the success of our first implementation programs, we are happy to launch another round with a group of different clients in March and June 2022.

Say Hello to Policy Outlook Corporate

Policy Outlook, the world’s most comprehensive research on corporate responsibility and sustainable finance regulation, continues to grow and develop to reflect the rapid rate of change. With the launch of Policy Outlook Corporate, ECOFACT provides leading expertise in social, environmental, and corporate responsibility initiatives across the globe for all actors.

At the moment, Policy Outlook contains more than 600 expert analyses on regulatory initiatives. While covering all relevant international standard-setting bodies and over 40 countries (more than 85% of global GDP) and monitoring more than 750 regulatory developments pertaining to sustainable finance and corporate responsibility.

11th annual Roundtable on Environmental & Social Risk Management Practices in Investment Banking

Started in 2011 as a pilot project, our Roundtable event continues to offer attendees thoughtful and challenging discussions on risk management. The 11th iteration of the annual Roundtable on Environmental & Social Risk Management Practices in Investment Banking took place in early December 2021.

Hosted by Credit Suisse and organized in collaboration with ECOFACT, the Roundtable provided expert insight into challenging subjects, facilitates an exchange of views among practitioners, and facilitates learning through the experiences of peers.


Policy Outlook

Monitoring regulatory change in corporate responsibility made easy. Receive knowledge tailored to your needs and in-depth analyses as required.

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