Policy Outlook

Understanding the EU Action Plan on Sustainable Finance

In May 2018, the EU Commission presented a series of measures to implement its Action Plan: Financing Sustainable Growth (EU Commission Action Plan). These measures aim to reorient capital flows towards sustainable investment, mitigate the impact that climate change, as well as social and environmental issues, have on the financial system, and increase transparency and long-term finance.

Since then, numerous developments at different policy levels and institutions across the European regulatory landscape have been materializing on a weekly basis, integrating various elements of the EU Commission Action Plan.

Overview of the EU Commission Action Plan’s regulatory developments:

Three legislative proposals form the backbone of the EU Commission Action Plan:

Moreover, the EU Commission took further steps to embed sustainability in the EU’s financial sector’s regulations via:

Although the inclusion of ESG Risk Disclosure in the EU Banking Package is not directly related to the EU Commission Action Plan, in practice it will contribute to the harmonization of sustainable finance legal frameworks across European markets.

For a complete and comprehensive analysis of each of the above-mentioned policy measures, please refer to the ECOFACT Policy Outlook Tool.

Policy Outlook

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