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Mariana Wiederkehr was the legal expert at ECOFACT.

Juli 8, 2022
Nuclear Energy, and Natural Gas: Where Do We Go From Here?

Policy Outlook
Mai 13, 2022
SEC vs. Vale: What can be learned from the Brumadinho dam collapse?

In this blog post, we discuss key facts, law, and concepts related to the SEC complaint against Vale.

Policy Outlook
März 4, 2022
EU Social Taxonomy: A Tour of the PSF’s Final Report

The Platform on Sustainable Finance published a report on the proposed EU social taxonomy. Here, we highlight key information revealed in the report.

Policy Outlook
August 28, 2020
ESG Disclosures in EU Regulation: Impact for non-EU market players

Non-EU market players should carefully assess the potential impact of the SFRD and the STR on their activities.

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