ESG Risk Quarterly

The ESG Risk Quarterly #42: ECOFACT’s briefing for risk experts

The ESG Risk Quarterly #42: ECOFACT’s briefing for risk experts

Recently, subscribers received the 42nd issue of the ESG Risk Quarterly, the briefing on environmental and social risks, best practices, and risk assessment tools. You can find the free sample report attached below, which contains approximately 25% of the content and features news items such as:

  • A clean, healthy, and sustainable environment is declared a human right by the UN.
  • A global “stilling” of winds threatens the productivity of wind turbines.
  • Several briefings for companies explain how to work with natural systems not against them.

To receive a complimentary copy of the complete report, or to subscribe, please contact our team at or call us on +41 58 520 20 00.

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