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Nina Reiser
Climate and ESG Risk Expert

Nina Reiser focuses on regulatory and ESG risk advisory projects. Her role at ECOFACT involves advising clients on preparing and implementing strategies to address climate and broader environmental risks and regulatory obligations. She leads ECFOACT’s Monitoring Peer Policies program, analyzing and benchmarking the environmental and social risk policies of leading financial institutions. Nina specializes in climate and nature-related topics and has experience in helping financial institutions implement climate reporting requirements (e.g. TCFD recommendations).

Nina holds a master’s degree in economics and data science from the University of Zurich with a specialization in resource and environmental economics.

ESG Risk Quarterly
June 18, 2024
Plastic pollution: are outdated FI risk policies contributing to the crisis?

Our latest blog post offers insights into how financial institutions are addressing contentious plastics in their risk policies.

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