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Eleonore Windisch
Legal Expert

Eleonore Windisch is a legal expert who monitors sustainable finance and corporate responsibility regulatory developments in Switzerland, France, Luxembourg, Spain, and Latin America. She contributes to ECOFACT’s environmental and social due diligence and risk management consulting team, advising financial institutions on these issues.

Her passion for helping companies find solutions to the most pressing sustainability and human rights issues has defined her career. She strongly believes that change is gradual and needs to happen where the impact can be maximized—at the crossroads of business, human rights, and ecology.

Eleonore is a Swiss attorney with combined legal, project management, and human rights experience in the corporate, non-profit, and public sectors. Her career in human rights began in Cambodia, and she has also worked in this field at the Swiss embassy in Chile and the United Nations in Geneva. She has assisted and advised businesses, state actors, and individuals on legal, compliance, and strategic topics related to human rights. Before passing the Swiss bar exam in 2019, she was part of Ernst & Young’s Financial Services Advisory team as a performance improvement consultant, after which she joined the litigation team of a major Swiss commercial law firm. Prior to joining ECOFACT, she worked for the Special Procedures Branch of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights. Eleonore studied law with a special focus on international law and human rights at the universities of Geneva, Zurich, and Sydney.

Policy Outlook
October 23, 2020
Green Bonds: An Overview of the Current Frameworks

Green bonds have gained considerable prominence as a way for the private sector to contribute to the low-carbon economy transition.

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