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Deborah Attolini
Legal Analyst

Deborah Attolini was a legal analyst and part of ECOFACT’s team and following regulatory trends.

Policy Outlook
January 30, 2020
EU Action Plan on Sustainable Finance Status Overview

One of the growing concerns among top executives is the increasing number of regulatory actions in the area of sustainable finance.

Policy Outlook
October 30, 2019
Key Sustainable Finance Regulations in Asian Countries (excluding China)

Asian markets play an increasingly central role in international finance. The Asian green/sustainable finance market is also growing steadily.

Policy Outlook
October 9, 2019
Modern Slavery and Financial Institutions

Modern slavery is a topic gaining momentum at the international level. Multiple jurisdictions increasingly address the problem through binding regulation.

Policy Outlook
July 31, 2019
The Regulatory Landscape of Sustainable Insurance

Regulators are playing a critical role in this environment of evolving risk by facilitating insurance resiliency.

Policy Outlook
April 24, 2019
Understanding the EU Action Plan on Sustainable Finance

In May 2018, the EU Commission presented a series of measures to implement its Action Plan: Financing Sustainable Growth.

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